3P Partnership Fund

The 3P Partnership Fund is a grant administered by the National Environment Agency (NEA). It aims to encourage organisations and companies from the People, Private and Public (3P) sectors to work together to develop innovative and sustainable environmental initiatives that promote environmental ownership amongst the local community.

The 3P Partnership Fund places emphasis on 3 areas:

  • Working in partnership
  • Promoting environment ownership
  • Launching initiatives that reach out to the school population, industry or community at large

What activities will be supported?

The 3P Partnership Fund supports projects that focus on:

  • Grooming environment advocates and champions
  • Encouraging community participation in environmental activities
  • Increasing awareness on environmental issues.

The projects must:

  • Set down clear deliverables which aim to promote environmental ownership/action in the school population, industry or community at large
  • Reach out to a larger segment of the community beyond the organisation’s interest
  • Support or contribute towards one or more NEA Strategic Outcomes: Strong Environmental Ownership, Close Community Partnership and Outreach, High Public Health Standards, Sustainable Waste and Resource Management, Energy Efficient and Low Carbon Society, Resilient Climate Change Preparedness, Timely and Reliable Weather information and Conducive Living Environment in support of NEA or  Sustainable Development targets
  • Not be for direct profits or commercial gain
  • Demonstrate sustainability of initiative through: (a) recurrent activities/activity is continuous or on-going (for the year), (b) long-term effects of the project and (c) plans to enhance the project over time.


The 3P Partnership Fund works on a co-payment basis. First time application would receive no more than 60% of the supportable cost items. The quantum of funding percentage would be as indicated:

• 60% for the supportable cost items for the first year

• 50% for the supportable cost items for the second year

• 40% for the supportable cost items for the third year


Any Singapore registered organisation or company. As a pre-requisite , applicants must involve at least one other partner from the 3P sectors (excluding NEA) in the initiative.

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