Active Commute Grant

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) aims to make walking, cycling, and riding public transport a way of life and a means of enhancing liveability in Singapore. In addition to existing efforts to improve the cycling commute, adequate End-of-Trip (EOT) facilities such as showers, lockers, and drying stations at destinations are also important to provide a comfortable and convenient journey to work.

Following the cessation of the Travel Smart Grant (Developer) (TSGD) in May 2019, LTA has launched the Active Commute Grant (ACG) with effect from 2 Nov 2019 to continue the support and encouragement for developers and building owners who wish to provide EOT facilities in their developments.

Note: The deadline for the grant application is 30 June 2021.

Funding Support

LTA will reimburse up to 80% of the construction costs of EOT facilities in offices, business parks and light/general industrial developments, up to a maximum of $80,000 per development.

Types of Application

a. Type A: Any new application for New developments, Redevelopments/ Reconstruction, or Developments undergoing Addition & Alteration works (A&A) with affected GFA more than or equal to 1000sqm.

b. Type B: Developments undergoing A&A with affected GFA less than 1000sqm or retrofitting works for EOT facilities2 exempt.


General Eligibility Criteria (Applicable to both Type A & B)

(i) More than 50% of the total GFA of the development is for office, business park or light/general industrial use.

(ii) The EOT facilities are provided in addition to the Sanitary Facility provision requirement stated in National Environment Agency’s Code of Practice on Environmental Health.

(iii) The EOT facilities, once completed, shall be accessible to all building occupants.

Type A

(i) The development shall not have obtained Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) from Building & Construction Authority (BCA).

(ii) The development shall provide bicycle parking in accordance to the latest prevailing statutory requirements as set out in the Parking Places Act.

(iii) The EOT facilities are located in proximity or close to the development’s bicycle parking area. If not, sufficient wayfinding signage is to be provided, subject to the Authority’s evaluation.

(iv) Proposed EOT facilities are in accordance with LTA’s Code of Practice on Street Work Proposals Relating to Development Works Chapter 10.

Type B

(i) The development shall provide a net total4 of at least 10 bicycle parking lots, 10 lockers and 1 shower stall.

(ii) Proposed EOT facilities have not yet been constructed.

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