Building Retrofit Energy Efficiency Financing (BREEF) Scheme

The BREEF scheme, facilitated by BCA and participating financial institutions, offer financing to pay the upfront costs of energy retrofits of existing buildings, through an energy performance contract arrangement. BREEF can cover the cost of equipment, installation and professional fees.

Grant Amount

Up to $4 million or 90% of costs, whichever is lower.

Interest rate: Determined by financial institution

Maximum loan tenure: 5 years

Scheme availability: Until 31 March 2023


The credit facilities must:

  • Be used for energy efficiency retrofits of existing buildings.
  • Lead to achieving a minimum Green Mark Certification standard, which is maintained throughout the loan tenure.


• Owner or joint owners of a non-residential building in Singapore

• Management Corporation constituted under the Land Titles (Strata) Act (Chapter 158) for residential and non-residential buildings

• Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) firms accredited by the Singapore Green Building Council

• Energy Services Companies (ESCO) accredited by the ESCO Accreditation Committee

• Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) set up to deliver, perform or provide energy performance improvements for residential or non-residential buildings

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