Call for Ideas Fund

The Call for Ideas Fund (CIF) provides co-funding for projects that seek to resolve environmental challenges and problems in the local community, and the development of mobile applications which enable open and easy access to environmental information so that the public can make informed choices and decisions in their daily lives. It comprises two tracks – the Active Citizenry Track and Mobile Applications Track.

The proposed project must: Set down clear deliverables which aim to promote environmental ownership Involve at least one other partner from the 3P sector in organising the initiative, excluding NEA Support or contribute towards one or more NEA Strategic Outcomes: Strong Environmental Ownership, Close Community Partnership and Outreach, High Public Health Standards, Sustainable Waste and Resource Management, Energy Efficient and Low Carbon Society, Resilient Climate Change Preparedness, Timely and Reliable Weather Information, Conducive Learning Environment, in support of NEA or Sustainable Development targets Not for direct profits or commercial gain. Projects that are able to cover costs through sponsorships or other sources of income would not be eligible for the grant.

In addition, the proposed project should fulfil one or more of the following objectives of each track:

Active Citizenry track

Promote the adoption of environmentally-friendly habits among residents (e.g. conserve energy at home or practise recycling as a way-of-life) Co-create solutions with community to address specific local environmental issues (e.g. tackle high rise littering and cleanliness issues or promote dengue prevention efforts) Strengthen residents’ emotional attachment to the local environment

Mobile Applications track

Enhance NEA’s operations’ service delivery (e.g. Provide timely and accurate weather information) Furnish key environmental information in a transparent and accessible manner (e.g Hawker stalls grading and location of recycling bins) Facilitate adoption of environmentally-friendly habits through customising outreach content


The CIF works on a co-payment basis. A maximum of $20,000 or 80% of total project cost for supportable cost items (whichever is lower) will be supported for successful applications. Within the approved grant limit, applicants may have the discretion to vary the expenditure between supportable cost items.


Any individual (Singaporean or PR) or Singapore registered organisation/company. As a pre-requisite, applicants must involve at least one other partner from the 3P sectors (excluding NEA) in the project.

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