Cruise Development Fund

The Cruise Development Fund (CDF) supports cruise industry players such as cruise lines, travel agents, charterers and trainers in activities that will build strong consumer demand for cruises from Singapore.


Successful applicants will receive funding support for qualifying costs, subject to the scope of the project and STB’s evaluation of the merits of the project. Qualifying costs may include third-party costs relating to consumer and trade marketing, development of pre/post-cruise experiences, themed cruise, travel agent training activities, and professional services.


The CDF is open to cruise lines, travel agents, charterers and industry trainers. Proposed projects should fall under one of the following categories:

For cruise lines:

• Deployment of new ships to Singapore

• Extension of existing deployments out of Singapore

For travel agents:

• Deployment and marketing of cruise packages with pre/post stays in Singapore

For charterers:

• Chartering of cruise sailings out of Singapore, preferably with bundling of pre/post land packages in Singapore

For Industry trainers:

• Development of training courses to promote Singapore as a cruising destination

For cruise lines / charterers / travel agents / industry trainers:

• Marketing feasibility studies relating to cruising from Singapore

Application Evaluation

Proposals will be assessed on how they:

  • Grow cruise sailings out of Singapore
  • Drive cruise passenger traffic from source markets
  • Drive overall contribution to Singapore in terms of economic impact and growth of Singapore’s cruise industry
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