Design Thinking Business Transformation Programme

Design thinking methodology is a human centric journey that can help companies to improve their products and services through understanding their customers and knowing their markets. Design thinking also enables companies to see problems from a different light and provide companies with innovative approach to problem solving.

Innovation could happen from proper use of the design thinking process and creates new possibilities in businesses, in areas of:

i. Products and services innovation – leading to revenue growth through new markets and increase in sales;

ii. Business model innovation – leading to more efficient business models, new value proposition to customers leading to new markets; and

iii. Process innovation – streamlining processes in internal operations which may include productivity gains and manpower savings


Course Fee: Up to 90% course fees funding for SME


All companies legally registered or incorporated in Singapore, with a Unique Entity Number (UEN) registered with ACRA are eligible.

The Business Design Thinking programme comprises two phases where companies are trained in Design Thinking process and tools over 2-3 days of classroom training, and mentored in implementation of an innovation project over a period of up to 6 months.

Companies will then measure and report the improvement outcomes from the project implementation.

Requirement: Only Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents employed under the company are eligible to attend the programme. Employers need to bear the nett fee and GST payable.

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