Energy Assessment of Existing Facilities

Encourages companies in the industrial sector* to carry out energy assessments for their existing facilities to identify potential areas for energy efficiency improvement.


Up to 50% of the qualifying costs, capped at $200,000 over a 5-year period for any single facility.

Qualifying Costs

Energy assessment fees comprising

  • Consultancy fees of energy consultant, i.e. manpower, overheads and expendables; and
  • Use of instrumentation and evaluation tools. 

Singapore GST is excluded.

The cost of implementing the recommendations of the energy assessment is not supported under this component of E2F.


• The owner or operator of the manufacturing facility must be registered in Singapore.

• The industrial facility for which the energy assessment is being carried out must be located in Singapore.

• Energy audits of relevant business activities of registered corporations under the Energy Conservation Act are not eligible for application from 1  Jan 2020.

The capabilities of the selected energy consultants should be thoroughly assessed to ensure that they match the needs and requirements of your facility.

• Companies must have conducted a preliminary energy assessment at the time of application.

• The detailed energy assessment must not have commenced at the time of application. The company must not have signed a contract with the energy consultant for the detailed energy assessment at the time of application.

• The detailed energy assessment should cover the whole plant or facility. Manufacturing equipment and processes may be excluded from the assessment. For large facilities, a partial assessment covering a complete system or part of the facility may be considered.

Besides energy assessments, process plants can also carry out long-term monitoring of individual system components and overall systems to identify efficiency degradation. This is known as Energy Performance Monitoring. Such projects are also eligible for funding under E2F.

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