Enterprise Leadership for Transformation

The Enterprise Leadership for Transformation (ELT) is a one-year programme that supports business leaders of promising small and medium enterprises to develop business growth capabilities. The programme helps leaders develop business growth plans that will take their enterprises to the next level. The ELT will be administered by a network of partners including Institutes of Higher Learning, financial institutions and industry experts who understand the unique challenges faced by small and medium enterprises.


Eligible enterprises can qualify for up to 90% funding of programme fees.

Who can apply?

The ELT is suitable for business owners or leaders who have grown their businesses beyond S$5 million, with the commitment to bring their enterprises to the next stage and see through the programme. You may choose to enroll one other member of the core management team into the programme.


Local business entity and shareholding of at least 30% Latest fiscal year revenue of S$5 Million or more At least one participant to be a Founder/Owner or Successor (FOS) of the business

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