SME-Grants Singapore FAQs

Our process is in line with the Singapore Government rules and regulations and we have a complete registration for our company and business legality.

All desired loan amounts are subject to approval and will depend on your business project proposal for grants financing.

There is no service fee or any charges upfront.

The application fee is the charge they require you to settle before they process your application. But don’t worry, we DO NOT require any application fee with our services.

A flexible repayment plan will be discussed once you send us a message, Contact Us now.

Give us detailed information about your company’s needs so we can match you with the best financing solutions. Click Contact Us to send us a message.

You can consult us by clicking here.

Yes, we have a lot of different services offered to help Singapore businesses especially SMEs with their business projects and improvements.

Simply enquire here, or drop us a call.