Financing Programme for Energy Efficient Projects

This programme aims to encourage owners and operators of existing industrial and manufacturing facilities to implement projects in energy efficient equipment or technologies.

The potential benefits of the programme include an off-balance sheet solution, where no investment is required on the part of the companies, but still allows companies to enjoy part of the energy savings. The financing provided can potentially cover equipment, labour, installation costs, as well as the cost of measurement and verification of the energy savings resulting from energy-efficiency projects implemented.



SDCL Asia will provide up to 100% upfront capital investment to finance the project. This includes:

• Equipment
• Labour
• Installation
• Annual operating cost (if required)
• Regular measurement and verification costs (if required)
• All three levels of Energy Assessment cost (if required)



Eligibility Criteria required by SDCL Asia:


Must be a Singapore-registered owner or operator of an industrial facility in the manufacturing sector in Singapore.


Must involve installation and use of energy efficient equipment or technologies with a proven track record of energy savings in an industrial facility.
Must result in measurable and verifiable energy savings.

Investment Criteria:

Sector: industrial or manufacturing sector

Project size: SGD 0.5 – 40 million (projects of smaller values can be considered on a case-by-case basis)

Simple payback period: less than 7 years (projects with simple payback beyond 7 years can be considered on a case-by-case basis)