Healthier Dining Grant

The Healthier Dining Grant is a funding scheme offered by HPB (Health Promotion Board) to help our Partners promote healthier menu options under the Healthier Dining Programme.


Under the HDG, HPB will reimburse the marketing and publicity costs incurred by the HDP Partner in relation to the production of approved in-store marketing materials or online marketing materials aimed at promoting the healthier dishes endorsed by the Health Promotion Board (“HPB”) under the Healthier Dining Programme (“Qualifying Costs”).

Subject to the results of any checks conducted by HPB to ensure that the Qualifying Costs quoted are at competitive rates, HPB will reimburse the HDP Partner up to 80% of the Qualifying Costs actually incurred, up to the approved grant amount. The remaining 20% of the costs incurred will be borne by the HDP Partner.


Eligible First-time Grant Applicants

Healthier Dining Programme partners (“HDP Partners”) which have ≥3 outlets operating in the following types of F&B establishments may apply for the Healthier Dining Grant (“HDG”):

• Restaurants

• Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs)

• Cafes (Food Partners and/or Beverage Partners)

• Kiosks (Food Partners and/or Beverage Partners)

• Chains (Food Partners and/or Beverage Partners)

• Bakeries

HDP Partners which have ≥3 outlets operating in the following types of F&B establishments may apply for HDG provided that no nutritional services have been utilised:

• Food Courts

• Institutional Caterers

HDP Partners which have ≥1 outlets operating in the following types of F&B establishments may apply for HDG:

• Event Caterers

• Digital F&B Operators

*Note: Digital ordering platforms (e.g. company website and/or phone app) may count as 1 outlet provided these platforms features and promotes healthier offerings tagged with HDP identifiers

Eligible Second-time Grant Applicants

A HDP Partner which has been granted a HDG previously may reapply for a new HDG either

(a) after the completion of all deliverables and the full disbursement of the amount granted under the previous HDG, or

(b) upon the expiry and/or lapse of the previous HDG, provided that the following conditions are met:

(i) the HDP Partner must add ≥3 new endorsed items to its menu OR ≥1 endorsed dish per stall[2] in addition to the existing endorsed items; AND/OR

(ii) the HDP Partner must use healthier oil for all cooking and food preparations (if it has not already done so)

Non-Qualifying Costs 

The following costs will not be covered under the HDG:

  • In house services and/or production costs
  • Products and/or services provided by the HDP Partner’s related companies
  • Claims with competing interests
  • Costs of hardware (e.g. poster stands, TV stands, iPads etc)
  • Late charges
  • Operational costs and overheads (e.g. electricity, rental, manpower)
  • Above-the-line (ATL) costs (e.g. Advertisements)
  • Out of store marketing and promotional materials

Restrictions on Grant

The HDG will not reimburse costs incurred in connection with any project that:

  • has commenced prior to the approval of the HDG application
  • will receive other sources of government/non-government funding; or
  • will obtain any goods or services from the parent company, subsidiary or associate company of the HDP Partner (if any).
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