Healthier Dining Innovation (HDI)

The Healthier Dining Innovation (HDI) is a funding scheme for F&B operators to take their first step towards capability upgrading in four areas:

• Research & Development

• Purchase of Healthier Ingredients

• Culinary Training

• Recipe Reformulation

Grant Amount

Up to S$5,000 funding support for F&B operators.

Qualifying Ingredients/Products & Services

Qualifying ingredients/products and services under each Qualifying Area may include,
but are not limited to, the following:

Qualifying Area

Research & Development

Qualifying Ingredients/Products & Services

• Special kitchen equipment for healthier
cooking (e.g. pressure cooker, steamer)
• Raw materials costs
• Lab tests*

* Only for non-HDP partners. For HDP partners, complimentary nutritional analysis and lab tests are provided as part of

Purchase of Healthier Ingredients

• HCS cooking oil and sauces
• Wholegrain rice, noodles, bread, flour etc.
• Functional ingredients (e.g. allulose, isomaltulose, dietary fibre)

Culinary Training

• Qualified cooking classes
• Qualified cooking courses
• Qualified culinary schools

Recipe Reformulation to Make Healthier Options

• Dish reformulation (e.g. reduction of calories, make healthy food taste good)
•  Drink reformulation (e.g. reduction of sugar, addition of calcium)
• Dessert reformulation (e.g. reduction of sugar, addition of dietary fibre)

Non-Qualifying Costs

The following costs will not be covered under the HDI:

• Production costs
• Products and/or services provided by the applicant’s related companies
• Costs of normal kitchen equipment (e.g. pots, pans, utensils)
• Late charges
• Operational costs and overheads (e.g. electricity, rental, manpower)
• Above-the-line (ATL) costs (e.g. advertisements)
• Marketing and promotional materials (i.e. for within-store marketing materials, please refer to the Healthier Dining Grant)


F&B operators which have ≥3 outlets operating in the following types of F&B establishments may apply for the HDI to develop healthier food and drink options according to the Healthier Dining Programme (HDP) nutrition guidelines:

• Restaurants

• Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs)

• Cafes (Food Partners and/or Beverage Partners)

• Kiosks (Food Partners and/or Beverage Partners)

• Chains (Food Partners and/or Beverage Partners)

• Bakeries

• Institutional Caterers

• Event Caterers ( ≥3 or more ordering platforms, e.g. website, phone, email, mobile app)

• Digital F&B Operators ( ≥3 or more ordering platforms, e.g. website, phone, email, mobile app)

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