has a pool of lenders who are licensed to offer short term business loans to Singapore companies under the law. Our lending partners can finance up to 100% of your grant projects after they are approved by the related Singapore government agencies. Interest rates and terms of loans are provided on a case by case basis by our lending partners.

The steps for getting business loans for your grants are below:

It Only Takes 3 Simple Steps to Get a Grant Financing From Us


#1 Fill Out Contact Form

Fill-out our contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

#2 Eligibility Verification

We will check and assess your eligibility. Do note that your proposed business projects should be approved first from the related government agency. Once your application is approved, the grant financing agreement will be handled to you for sign-off.

#3 Receive Your Grant Financing

Head down to the office that we recommend. Understand the terms and conditions and sign the loan agreement. And then finally, you can receive the fund for your grant financing to grow your business.