iBuildSG Workforce Training and Upgrading

The Workforce Training and Upgrading (WTU) Scheme co-funds up to 90% of selected training courses and skills assessments for firms in the built environment sector, with the aim of improving the capability of the workforce.


Up to 90% funding support for Singapore Residents in the following course types:

(a) Training courses and skills assessments for CoreTrade registration*, Multi-Skilling* and supervisory level

(b) Selected Professional Managerial Executive and Technical personnel’s (PMETs) courses that are directly related to productivity.


Firms in the built environment sector with local workforce who meet the following criteria may apply for the scheme:

Qualifying Criteria for Type (a) & (b) courses

For Singapore Residents:

• Achieved at least 75% course attendance rate

• Sat for the assessments

Only local personnel are eligible for training fund support if they meet the criteria. Firms must apply for the funding support on behalf of their employees before commencement of the course.

Are Goods and Services Tax (GST) funded under the Workforce Training and Upgrading Scheme?

GST is not covered under the Scheme. The reimbursement of the training and assessment fees is before GST.

Is there a limit to how many applications you can make for the employees in your company?

There is no limit to the number of applications that your company can make if your employees are eligible.

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