Implementation of an Energy Management Information System (EMIS)

To encourage companies to put in place an EMIS which would enable them to effectively manage energy use in a structured manner to achieve efficiency improvements.


Up to 50% of qualifying costs, capped at

• $250,000 per energy-intensive facility (i.e. consuming more than 54TJ of energy annually and registrable under the Energy Conservation Act); and

• $125,000 for other facilities.

Qualifying Costs

  • Equipment and materials;
  • Professional services; and 
  • Software and IT services.

Singapore GST is excluded.


• The applicant must be a Singapore-registered owner or operator of an existing or proposed industrial facility that is or will be sited in Singapore.

Project Scope

• The EMIS implemented should cover all major energy-consuming systems in the facility. Otherwise, the applicant shall provide justifications for the proposed scope.

Qualifying Period

• EMIS shall be commissioned within 2 years from grant approval.

Project Eligibility Criteria

• Projects must not have commenced at the time of grant application. Only energy management-related functions are supportable. Energy performance monitoring system implementations at Gencos are not supported.

EMIS Supplier/Consultant

• Must demonstrate good track record in implementing EMIS of similar scale and scope

Project Features

Tracking & Monitoring

  • Track energy performance based on suitable performance indicators e.g. (kWh/ton production, kW/CMH) and relevant variables (e.g. temperature, pressure)
  • Set appropriate targets

Reporting & Alerts

  • Customised reporting to different user levels
  • Highlight inefficient performance in a timely manner, and generate alerts to prompt users to take rectification action

Tracking & Monitoring

  • Include data analysis functions (e.g. regression analysis) to identify performance gaps and opportunities
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