Industry Pilot

This track supports joint projects by multiple FIs to customise an existing solution with a solution provider.


80% co-funding of qualifying expenses, capped at $100,000 per participating entity, per project.

Qualifying expenses may include hardware and software, professional services, and manpower costs.

The funding period is capped at 2 years from implementation.


Applicants should be Singapore-based FIs that are regulated by MAS (licensed or exempted from licensing), with headcount not more than 200 staff. Each project should have a minimum of 3 participating, eligible FIs.

Project Eligibility Qualifying solutions must:

• Be deployed and used for at least 1 year in Singapore

• Contribute to improvements in productivity, efficiency, risk management, operational resilience, or customer service

• Belong to any of the categories listed below; and

• Not be built from scratch nor require investment in heavy infrastructure e.g. servers.

The categories of solutions supported are:

• Cloud services

• Customer relationship and engagement tools (including digital customer onboarding)

• Office productivity tools

• Compliance & KYC tools (including transaction monitoring tools)

• Data-related services (including data warehousing, data automation, data analytics)

• Enterprise services (including HR and accounting systems)

• Project management, development and testing tools

• Security-related solutions; Communication and collaboration tools

• Marketing productivity tools (including customer sensing tools, insights generation)

• Solutions to support alternative working arrangements, operational resiliency, and BCP arrangements.

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