PACT Programme

The PACT programme encourages mutually beneficial collaborations between companies. The nature of collaboration should go beyond regular business activities. One enterprise should undertake the role of a leader (known as a “Lead Enterprise”) in driving projects to benefit the group of companies.


Support for SMEs will be capped at 70% and non-SMEs at 50% of the qualifying costs.


PACT projects should be driven by a Lead Enterprise, which is a Singapore registered company. It can be an MNC or a Singapore company. The following areas will also be considered:

• The Lead Enterprise should have clear capabilities above those of the other participating companies in the project. It takes responsibility for the implementation and successful delivery of the project.

• The Lead Enterprise should help the participating companies in a manner that is beyond its normal commercial interests. For example, the Lead Enterprise should not be selling its product or service to the smaller firms through the project.

• The project should include a majority of Singapore enterprises, even though foreign companies can be involved in the collaboration.

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