Quieter Construction Innovation Fund

The Quieter Construction Innovation Fund (QCIF) is an incentive scheme to promote wider adoption of quieter construction equipment and innovative methods, in order to mitigate construction noise impact to the public so as to achieve a livable environment for all.


The total funding disbursement is shown below: For Main Contractors (per project site): $200,000, or 5% of project contract value ≤$30 million, whichever is lower $300,000 for project contract value > $30 million For Suppliers and Specialist Sub-Contractors: $300,000, over 2 years

Equipment Requirements

Three categories of equipment are supported:

  1. Quieter Construction Equipment
  2. Noise Control Equipment; and
  3. Innovative Quieter Construction Methods.

A list of supported types of equipment and their performance requirement can be found in Annex A1 of the QCIF guidelines.

The applicant has to show that the noise performance of the equipment meets the requirements listed in Annex A2 of the QCIF guidelines. The noise performance of the equipment must be measurable during inspection.

The purchase or leasing of equipment must not be carried out before submission of an application. Purchase of used equipment will not be supported.


Must be a Singapore-registered company which is:

• Operating at an existing or proposed construction or demolition site; or

• Supplying construction equipment for an existing or proposed construction or demolition site

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