Recycling / Use of Alternate Sources of Water

Implementation of a full-scale water recycling plant that results in water savings and improvement in water efficiency in the premises.

Funding Support

Upon successful application, PUB will provide a grant for the cost of the recycling plant based on the lower of the following:

a) Water Savings Incentives: PUB will support the applicant at $0.71 for every m3 of PW / $0.45 for every m3
of NW / $0.37 for every m3 of IW saved over the economic life of the water recycling plant or 15 years (whichever is earlier); OR

b) Capital Cost: Up to 50% of the capital cost of the water recycling plant.

Note: Subject to a cap of $1 million per project


1) Premises with monthly water consumption* of at least 1,000 m3.
2) At least 10% water savings OR annual water savings of at least 6,000 m3.

*Monthly water consumption includes consumption of Potable Water (PW)/ NEWater (NW)/ Industrial Water (IW) based on past 6 months water bills.
*For individual premises with monthly consumption each of less than 1000 m3 , customers can choose to apply for this fund collectively.

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