SME Talent Programme for Startups

The objective is to make internships meaningful for the student with each company offering the student mentoring opportunities with a supervisor as well as structured learning objectives based on requirements set by the respective educational institution.

The application process typically takes 2 to 3 weeks depending on the completeness of the application submitted


The SME Talent Programme (STP) offers up to 70% funding support to help you defray the cost of the monthly stipend when you engage students through internships


The application criteria include:

• Company is a Technology-based Startup

• Have a minimum of 30% local (Singaporean or Singaporean PR) share-holding

• Incorporated in Singapore

• Less than 5 years from date of incorporation at time of application

• Have less than 50% ordinary shares owned by other corporate entity

• Willing to pay and attend a HR capabilities workshop

• Able to pay interns the minimum monthly stipend* of $800 to ITE and Polytechnic students, and $1000 to University students.

Do you need to be STP approved before you can hire intern?
Yes, you will need to be a STP approved startup before you are eligible to claim from STP.

What kind of interns you can hire?

  • Interns must be Singapore Citizen or Singapore P.R
  • Full-time students from ITE, NYP, NP, RP, SP, TP, NTU, NUS, SUSS, SIT, SMU, SUTD and SIM GE
  • Full-time Students Singapore-based private institutions with the 4-year Edutrust certification and overseas institutions with internationally recognised AACSB/EQUIS accreditations are also eligible
  • Post graduate programme interns (i.e Masters/PhD) will not be eligible for grant support
  • The minimum stipend is $800 per month for Polytechnic and ITE and $1,000 for University Students which must be stated in the official school placement letter from the school to your company prior to them joining your company

Company will need to source for their own intern from the various Institute of Higher Learnings (IHLs). To assist on the matching, all ACE STP approved companies can visit the ACE-STP internship job portal at to post all their internship position for FREE.

How many interns you can hire?

25% based on the number of full time employees in the company.

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