Startup SG Accelerator

Startup SG Accelerator supports incubators and accelerators in strategic growth sectors that take on the role of catalysing growth opportunities for high potential startups through their programmes, mentorship and provision of resources. Startup SG Accelerator will provide funding and non-financial support for these partners to further enhance their programs and expertise in nurturing successful startups.


While grants provide financial support, incubators, on the other hand, provide professional mentoring and business resources that are conducive to a startup’s growth. Moreover, accelerators can use a grant’s seed funding to help a startup gain a leg up in the business world.


• Be incubators or venture accelerators with a unique value proposition or specific programme(s) to nurture innovative startups in areas such as access to markets and talents, financing, entrepreneurship training, management guidance and mentorship

• Have a revenue model that will be sustainable in the long-term

• Have a proven management team with the necessary experience and expertise to groom innovative startups from their early stages into high-growth companies

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