StartUp SG Founder “Train” Track

For the “Train” track, Enterprise Singapore has appointed Venture Builder and Accredited Mentor Partners (‘VB-AMPs’) with strong track records of venture building to provide 3-month Venture Building (VB) programmes to Singaporeans.

Grant Amount

The programme will provide support for sourcing innovation, commercialising these ideas into scalable businesses, getting product/solution validation from customers and finding capital. The Venture Building programmes will be open to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents. Each participant will receive a monthly stipend of S$1,500 for the duration of the programme.


Apply for Startup SG Founder “Train” through an Venture Builder and Accredited Mentor Partner (‘VB-AMP’). Shortlisting and selection of participants into the VB Programmes are subject to the VB-AMPs’ screening criteria, which takes into consideration, but is not limited to, the aptitude, expertise, background and related experience of the applicant. The applicant must also be able to commit to running a startup after the programme.

In addition, individuals must be Singapore Citizens (SC) / Permanent Residents (PR) and must commit to 100% attendance rate to be eligible for this track. This means that individuals who are in full-time or part-time employment will not be eligible unless they tender their resignation before the start of the programme.

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