Talent Assistance (T-Assist)

Talent-Assistance (T-Assist) is an initiative under IMDA’s Media Manpower Plan that aims to strengthen the media capabilities of the local workforce. Under the initiative, funding support is provided to eligible companies and individuals to encourage them to acquire deeper skills and competencies through a list of pre-approved media courses, focusing on courses at intermediate and advanced levels.

Grant Amount

• Non-SME-Sponsored: Up to 70% course fee capped at $3,000
• SME-Sponsored: Up to 90% of course fee capped at $3,000

40 year old and above:

• Singaporean Citizen – Up to 90% course fee capped at $3,000
• Singaporean PR – Up to 70% course fee capped at $3,000


• Singaporean Citizens and Permanent Residents
• Companies registered or incorporated in Singapore

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